Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last Sunday, my mom, sister and grandma threw me an amazingly wonderful baby shower and it was just the best day! They put so much thought and effort into every single little detail and it was so nice to spend the day with some of the closest women in my life. I felt very blessed. Everyone's generosity was so overwhelming and it makes me super happy-teary eyed when I think about just how loved we are and this little princess will be.

Oh, and did I mention that this is the first baby on my entire side of the family and hubs' entire side too? Spoiled little girl alert, right?! Lord help us!

I can’t believe that I'll be 30 weeks this week and that in just over two months we will finally meet this little person. I really can’t wait. :)

All the little details that they put together! And yes, there were little baby pictures of me framed everywhere. So sweet & thoughtful.

More wonderful details, including pink lemonade and cute party favors.

With my two hostesses, my beautiful Mama and Sis!

The beginning of gift opening... and boy were there a lot of gifts to open! We got the majority of our big items, including everything from our baby food maker, to the high chair, stroller and car seat!




The world's most excited auntie to be!

And the proud Daddy :)


I will try to be back later this week with my 30-week update. Talk about a big milestone!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Another Update!

I know I have been pretty hit and run post and run with my blog updates these last several months, and I am so sorry you guys. But in these next few months I do want to try and make a better effort to keep you all posted on mine and baby girl's progress! I will also post some previous bump pics so that you can see just how much this little girl has grown! It really amazes me every single day.

So, here is a little pregnancy survey I took from another blogger {waves hi Mrs. Dew!} and I also added in a couple other things I though you all might find interesting.


How far along? 28 weeks - hello 7th month!

Size of baby: this lil' miss now weighs in at about two and a half pounds and stands (or rather lies) at almost 16 inches.

Maternity clothes? I am pretty much still only wearing maternity pants. All of my tops and dresses are still juniors! Maternity clothes still just seem so giant to me.

Stretch marks? none yet...and boy am i trying everything to "prevent" them! ::knocking on every piece of wood i can find::

Sleep? Yes, please. All day, every day. I am sleeping 9-10 hours every night. Sleep is my friend.

Food cravings: Oh lord, yes! Fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit. More specifically pinapples from Costa Rica, Oranges from South Texas and Fuji Apples. I know, I feel like I have turned into a produce expert overnight. Long gone are the days where we can buy whatever fruit is on sale. Ha. And if we do, I will literally throw a fit and have a meltdown take one bite, cringe and have to throw it out. I am still not sure how a child that CRAVES fruits of all kinds can be the product of me & hubs!

Food Aversions: Nothing so far. But my hunger levels are in a category all on their own these days. I think I go from completely full to starving in a matter of minutes. And then watch out. I literally feel like I’m 2 seconds away from gnawing my arm off like a rabid raccoon.

Gender: Team pink!

Movement? YES! A one-person dance-off is happening in my belly as we speak. Flips, tumbles, kicks, you name it, she's doing it!

Best moment this week? Hearing her heartbeat. It never, ever gets old. Passing my glucose test! Getting my girl scout cookies! (no one said all the answers had to be pregnancy related). Also, I just love sitting in bed at night with hubs, watching the belly move.

And, on a more shallow note, an overall best moment this entire pregnancy would have to be that I have not had one bad hair day this while time. Pregnancy hormones seriously equal winning!

Looking forward to? My baby showers that are quickly approaching. And also seeing my little mini-me at our 4D ultrasound! And of course finally meeting her in about 12-ish weeks!!

What I miss: Doing things on my own — like moving things, being able to lift anything, getting something off the top shelf…I’m getting too awkward to fit into small spaces and/or to stand on a chair, so I always need help.

Milestones? Baby girl's eyes are now opening and closing! If I lift up my shirt and stand near a bright light she will now kick and move!

I think that's all for now. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this fantstic weather! I miss you all.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

A letter to our baby girl.


Every day I am amazed by how much love I have towards someone I have yet to meet. I’ve heard it said time and again, that once a mom holds her baby in her arms, the amount of love that swells in her heart is overwhelming. It’s something I’ve been told that I can’t imagine until I experience it. But for me, it’s not that hard to believe, actually. Though we haven’t met you yet, your Mommy has loved you unconditionally from the second my eyes saw those tiny two pink lines.

In three short months, we’ll meet face to face. But you’ve already brought so much love and happiness to so many. I can only imagine the hearts you’ll touch and the lives you’ll change, including mine and daddy’s, when you step onto the planet.

I can’t wait to kiss you and tell you each and every day that I love you and I am thankful for you.

I promise to always love you unconditionally, just as you are, no matter what. I will always do my best to be the best mama that I can be so that you may thrive and flourish to become the best that you can be. I won't always be perfect or right, but I promise you that I will always do my very best that I can. Always.

Thank you for the giving me the privilege and choosing me to be your Mommy. Thank you for giving me the gift of knowing a mother’s love for her child even without meeting her.

You are so so wonderful to me. And every day as you grow, so does my love for you.

I love you, baby girl.