Friday, June 26, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding.

Whoo hooo! TGIF :)

And hubs and I have a very busy weekend ahead of us because my best friend is goiiiiiiiiiiingggg to the chaaaaaaaaaaaaapel and she's goinggggggggg to get maaaa-aaaa-aaaaried!

I am so excited to be her matron of honor and to be there for her on the most important day of her life. She will make an absolutely beautiful bride!

Nicole is such a great girl inside and out! We met in college, and have been through so much together that I know that I couldn't have made it without her by my side!

She is a true definition of a best friend. I cherish our friendship and all of the crazy and wonderful memories we have together, and I look forward to the many memories we will share in the future! I am SO lucky to have her in my life! And her husband to be, Bob, is a terrfic guy that treats her so well! He is the kind of guy that I am thrilled to see my best friend marry. I am so happy that she found her Pince Charming and I wish them both a lifetime of happiness. They both deserve nothing but the very best :)

And here are a few pictures of Nicole and I throughout the years. (don't judge! some of these date back to 2005!)

Enjoy and happy weekend! And I will be back with plenty of pictures from the big day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My brain is completely discombobulated.

Everyone has occasional episodes of forgetfulness.


I like to think that being slightly forgetful is part of my charm.

(Don't disillusion me.)

But this week has been worse than normal. much.worse. And I am totally not even exaggerating. I have had four random acts of momentary forgetfulness, and it is ONLY Thursday. (I think.)


So let's take my library trip, for instance.
Monday I drove to the library, to return the books I’ve now renewed online three times because I didn’t have time to actually GO to the library. (Or, indeed, to read the books, which was annoying.*) Anyhoo, I arrived at the library parking lot only to realize that, whoops, I hadn’t actually bothered to bring the books with me. THEY were sitting on the table in the living room.

Yesterday, I went to the mall to get my eyebrows threaded, as usual. When I was done, I got up, paid and started walking towards the parking lot only to find my eyebrow lady running after me. She was asking me if I wanted my phone that I had left there.


Oh and this morning I brushed my teeth TWICE. I brushed them when I first woke up. Then after making our bed, I went to the bathroom and started brushing again. It did not occur to me until the end of morning brush #2 what had happened.

Like all this isn’t enough, last night Matt spent a few hours searching the house for my car keys (‘he’ had them last, so he was on searching duty). They were eventually tracked down in MY other purse. (see- I have the most patient and saint-like husband. I am glad at least one of us has it together!)

Honestly, I am not sure where my brain has been this week, but I would like to kindly ask it to come back asap.

Otherwise, I may have to start writing my To Dos straight on my hand.

p.s. - I did manage to get to the library eventually. Swear.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why I Love My Husband.

{A few blast from the past pictures!}

I have been in a very lovey dovey mood lately!

***So warning: this post is mushy mushy***

And if you stop reading now, I will understand. :)


He inspires me. He is so smart and gifted. I just love to watch him think.

He's a good listener and he never gives up on me. He always makes me feel like the best is yet to come.

He is balanced. He helps me stay reasonable and level-headed. (which for me is always sometimes hard)

He is the hardest working man I know. This man seriously never complains…ever. He always has some project going, and it exhausts me just trying to keep up with him.

He is so committed to making our marriage the best it can be. He reminds me all the time that he has promised to love me unconditionally-- through his words and actions. There's nothing like being reminded every single day that you are loved and adored.

He's not intimidated by my success. He supports my every passion and applauds my achievements, no matter how big or small they may be.

He compliments me every day. And he means it. Even things I do horribly. Like cooking. He is so encouraging.

He believes the best about people. He never jumps to conclusions, he gives people a second (third, fourth, fifth) chance, forgives quickly and encourages me to do the same. "You never know what kind of day they had," he says all the time. I really hope to adopt this attitude some day.

He never takes life too seriously. He smiles a lot and is always laughing and joking. His laughter and optimism is contagius!

I am so thankful for my babe. <3

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Jon + Kate

Please shut up.

You have allowed yourselves to be filmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you don’t want people talking about you, kindly reconsider broadcasting your lives on TV.

If this is a ‘private matter,’ stop being on the cover on US Weekly 3 weeks in a row.

I love your kids. I have a ton of your episodes saved on my DVR for those rainy days. I wanted to be your nanny and steal little Leah cause she is so darn cute.

But seriously stop pimping out your children for a paycheck and please consider ending these money-grubbing endeavors.

I am sure that raising eight children is hideously expensive, and congratulations on successfully turning squeezing out six kids in one shot into a multi-million industry.

But now that you have all the free merchandise and tummy tucks that you've wanted; Now that you've bought a house and have enough money to hire nannies and a body guard; I think it’s safe to say you aren't on welfare and won't be there any time soon.

TLC and both of you are master manipulators for not deciding to stop this 10-passenger family trainwreck, end the show, and seek professional help.

You are worse than Speidi.

Your old fan who will tell you like it is.

*** *** *** ***

p.s. Jay Z Jon, last time I checked you were not a p.i.m.p. but rather a father of eight, so please take those diamond studs out of your ears.

And Kate, PLEASE get a date with some hair extensions. I’m a bit frightened of your angry possum/reverse mullet do.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad- I learned from you!

"I Learned From You"
Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus

I didn't wanna listen to what you were sayin'
I thought that I knew all I need to know
I didn't realize that somewhere inside me I knew you were right
but I couldn't say so I can take care of myself, yeah, you taught me well

I learned from you that I do not crumble
I learned that strength is something you choose
All of the reasons to keep on believin'
There's no question, that's a lesson, that I learned from you

We always don't agree on
What is the best way
To get to the place that we're going from here
But I can really trust you, and give you the distance,
to make your decisions without any fear

I'm grateful for all of the times
You opened my eyes
I learned from you that I do not crumble
I learned that strength is something you choose
All of the reasons to keep on believin',
There's no question, that's a lesson I learned from you
taught me to stand on my own and I thank you for that
It saved me, it made me, and now that I'm looking back I can say

I learned from you that I learned from you I do not crumble
I learned that strength is something you choose something you choose
All of the reasons to keep on believin', keep on believin'
There's no question, that's a lesson that I learned from you I learned from you

I learned that strength is something you choose something you choose
All of the reasons to keep on believin',
There's no question, that's a lesson that
I learned from you.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddys! Especially mine!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ladies, I need your help!

I’m still here. I’m not sure if you missed me or not, but I sure hope so because I missed all of you terribly! This has been a really stressful and long week [for many different reasons] so I am thrilled that it's almost the weekend!

In the meantime however, I need your help. My bff's wedding is coming up (next weekend, eek!) and I cannot decide how I want to get my hair done. I have a few ideas, but I would really love for all of you to let me know what you think! [and do not hold back. i need honesty here.]

So before I show you pictures of possible hairstyles, i figure you all need to see the dress first. I will be wearing a pretty charmeuse strapless gown with gathered neckline and drop waist with flared skirt. This dress is gorgeous!

*note: our dresses are black.

And here are the three hair possibilities that are up for consideration..

POSSIBILITY #1- Curly side pony

Edited to Add: If I go with this style, I will part my hair like Carrie Underwood in this pic. I am a fan of 'the bump' look, but not for weddings and not this big!

POSSIBILITY #2- Soft curly updo

POSSIBILITY #3- Loose half up-half down

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions??? I need brutal honesty.

Thank you, dolls.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Done!

"Stick a fork in me, I am done" is the last thing I said last night before I fell alseep at 4:00 a.m. {hehe}

My only goal last night was to ensure that my bestest had the best bachelorette experience possible! You only get one shot at it, right?

And I am happy to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


So let's recap, shall we?

The girls started arriving at my house around 7:30 p.m.

{best friends.}

{bride & bridesmaids}

Nikki loved the gift I got her! :)

Then we had a little sex toy party going on. I had never been to one of these before, but it was hilarious and actually pretty informative. At some point we were laughing so hard at some of this stuff, that i was crying. I didn't order for myself, but I did get some reading material. I feel like I need to educate myself on this stuff first before I go buying all kinds of crazy wiggly things.

{showing off 'the goods'}

Whats a bachelorette party without a hott naked dude?

and some very yummy jello shots {made by yours truly}

{right before we headed out!}

Then it was time to head and do some serious bar hopping!

We danced the night away until the bar closed at 2:30am.
This morning we all woke up with our livers hating us. I am such a light weight drinker now…one drink and I am feeling it! No wonder my husband calls me a cheap date. ;)
All in all, it was a super fun night and I am so glad everyone had a great time!!

I definitely am not a big partier now, but when I do party, I party hard. Work hard, play hard- that’s what my doctor always tells me!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bedroom Makeover

So if you remember a while back I mentioned that hubs and I were completely re-doing our bedroom. I finally have pictures for you! Our renovations included painting the walls, staining/painting the closet doors, a new duvet cover, new painting and shelves.

Overall, I love the final result! I have been wanting a blue bedroom for a while and am so excited about how it turned out. The new paint color definitely created a more tranquil setting for sleep and relaxation. And it's crazy to think what a big difference a can of paint and a little bit of hard work can make!

The room was yellow when we bought the house last year.

Color- Benjamin Moore, Nantucket Blue
I love how the new wall color makes everything pop!

It's past midnight and I am officially pooped and going to bed. Only 8 more hours of work stand between me and one crazy weekend! I can't wait!

Edited To Add
These pics really don't do the room justice! I had a hard time with figuring out the lighting on my camera, but the blue is a little more vibrant in real life :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Disney World- 3 weeks!

I have exactly 21 days to go and I’m already like a kid waiting for Christmas. I simply can't wait.

I plan on starting to shop for vacay clothes today, and am so excited. I may have gotten a suitcase full few things already, but today I am going full force. Nordstrom, watch out. I am attacking your racks! As I sit here, I am smiling just thinking about it. :)

21 days!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up!

Good morning and Happy Monday lovelies!

Our weekend was perfect. Friday night we picked up Charlie from the vet. Here is a picture I took of him from my phone right after we came home. Have you ever seen such a sad, pathetic looking pup?

* My poor little Charlie had a rough day Friday. As soon as he came out from the examination room, the whole packed waiting room let out a collective “awww” and giggle and said how sad he looked. He couldn’t walk straight from the wearing anesthesia and was terrified we would leave him again. He also wouldn’t walk with the cone on. So he spent most of the weekend cuddled up in either mine or hub's arms sleeping. We've been told to keep him calm for 10 days. Calm means no running, jumping, playing, etc. Do they not know that is all little doggies are made of? It should be an interesting few weeks for us to say the least! And thank you all for the well wishes you have been sending our way. We hope that he heals up soon and puppyness is back in full effect. I have playdates to schedule!

* Saturday was a lazy day full of Lifetime movies, shopping and …naps. I took the best and most glorious, two hour, no-need-to-wake-up-and-do-anything nap that I haven’t had in ages. Later, my Mama and I bought the whole store did a little shopping and I actually even mangaged to find a bathing suit relatively painlessly within an hour. A big woooooot! :)

* Sunday I attempted to be productive. I killed planted some pretty flowers in my yard, and also did a little bit of grocery shopping and working out. Then last night hubs and I saw The Hangover. Hilarious. Go see it. Now.


A big item on my agenda this week is planning my bff's bachelorette party that is taking place this Saturday! ohmygawd. Being the obsessive compulsive freak planner that I am, I already have a lot of it almost finished, but I swear, every morning I wake up with new ideas. I would love to spill all the details, but I simply can't just yet. However, what I *can* give you is the picture of the look that im going for! Lots of pink and black, feather boas and cute decor. Fun, right? I can't wait!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Good Vibes Needed.

Happy Friday pretties!

Today my Charlie is going to have surgery. I just dropped him off at the vet and he is getting his manhood taken away. :-(

I am so nervous about my puppy being put under anesthesia. I can't stop thinking about what he is doing at this exact moment. Deep down inside I know that he will be in good hands and I’ll get to pick him up later today but what can I say? I am anxious for my little baby.

Could you send some good vibes Charlie’s way and hope his surgery goes smoothly?

This nervous mama would appreciate it. :)

We have a couple little things planned for the weekend but I will mostly be completely overbearing taking care of Charlie. I will make sure to post pictures of Charlie with his cone on Monday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Facebook Much?

Do you remember life before Facebook? I honesty don’t remember how we found out about each other’s lives before. Email? Phone calls? Maybe letter writing??? Everyone and their mother is on Facebook. Literally.

Except my husband. Well, he is on facebook (this may or may not be because I threaten his life every time he talks about deleting his account) but he never checks it. And I mean never. So he gets his gossip through me.

A conversation at our house last night may or may not have gone something like this:

Me: Your coworker’s wife is going on vacation next week.

Him: How do you know that my coworker’s wife is going on vacation?

Me: She just updated her Facebook status.

Him: (rolls eyes. calls me a stalker.)

Me: Oh and Megan's relationship is now complicated. Jen also wrote on John's wall.

Him: (mocking me) I better check my min-feed then.

I seriously think that Youtube, Twitter, Facebook should merge and make it easier on us. Then we could all just YouTwitFace. :)))

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Priorities Shmiorities

Dear Husband,

I'd like to mention, that yesterday I was a good little wifey and I even cleaned the house. Also, I think you are very cute. And smart. And sexy. And you're totally the greatest.

Now what do you say that we just forgo paying the mortgage this month?

And maybe not next month too?


Your adoring {and new shoes deprived} wife.


Monday, June 1, 2009

June? Already?

It’s already June. WHOA. Can anyone tell me where this year has gone, because I really can’t figure it out?!

I survived Hubs and I both survived the trip home and managed to have another fantastic weekend with friends and family. I am back with tons of pictures!

**** **** ****

Saturday morning we left pretty early to go to the Indians/Yankees game. The game didn't start until 7 p.m. but hubs and his friends organized a tailgate party. I swear, I never heard of tailgating for a baseball game until I met hubs. But this guy will tailgate for anything. *Le sigh*

Moving on. Thankfully, I was not the only girl there. So while the boys played corn hole and cooked out, the girls ate and chatted about anything and everything (more specifically, J&K+8, or now J-K+8).

{my sissy and I before we left!}

{and again}

{hub and his brother}


{playing corn hole. he prides himself on his perfect technique, but I just think he's a hottie! }

{at the baseball game~!}

**** **** ****

And while we were away, Charlie was having his own fun with my sister. I swear I sometimes get jealous of my dog. Is that wrong? But I am not kidding when I say that *he has the life*. For example, while we were gone, my sister took him to the pet store, bought him freshly-baked doggie doughnuts and then took him to an exclusive doggie beach park, called Bow Wow Beach where they spent all day. Needless to say that once we came home, he was out.

{on his way to Bow Wow beach.}

**** **** ****

The rest of the weekend, we spent some time with our neighbor baby! Can we talk about how stinkin' cute this little guy is? Not to mention that he is the world's best baby. Of course. Just my luck. Why can't I be stuck watching a baby that constantly screams and cries? Then I wouldn't want any. But being around this little guy, I've been feeling some urges. But it was probably just gas. Right? There's still stuff I want to do before I start peeing on $15 plastic sticks. :)


I hope you all have a fabulous beginning to your week.