Friday, September 10, 2010

Creep Show Magnet

So, it looks like my newlyweds blog has turned into quite the creep show magnet.

Case in point? Please review the keyword search terms below that have apparently lead some lovely readers to my blog. Let's all wave hello to the crazies!

  • Is walmart wedding classy {NO! Is this even a question?}
  • manboob meet the fockers breast feeding devices for dads { Aaaaaaaaaaalrighty, then.}
  • how to do loving in a tent {really? You came here to read about this? Hmmm. I am sure you left very disappointed.}
  • my husband has man boobs site {Good for you? Mine doesn’t?}
  • nacho dips (Mmmm, you know I love my nacho dip.)
  • sissies pencil thin eyebrows {That sounds so unfortunate. I am sorry.)
  • walmart side mullet {I am pretty sure I need pictures of this.}
  • I saw my husband wearing leggings {Best one! And I want to know more!}
  • Carrie Underwood armpits {Creeepy. And I can't help you there.}
  • Everytime you post it makes me wanna be your friends a little bit more {Oookay. And your grammar is awful and, for that reason, we won’t be friends. }
If you are a fellow blogger, please be kind enough and share with me some of your hilarious search words. I would really like to think that I am not the only one attracting these creepers!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vintage Find to Girly Beauty

Hi loves and happy Thursday!

I am interrupting the scheduled summer recaps to share something with you all that's very near and dear to my heart. A few weeks ago, I started looking for a desk to use in my wedding planning office. I wanted something that I could fix up and redecorate to make my own. I love creating something fantastic out of something forgotten or misused. Can you tell I've been watching too much HGTV? Well, moving on. Then hubs surprised me by bringing this 1930s Craig's List find that had seen better days (many of them, in fact) home.

I know this isn't exactly the cute desk that I had pictured in my head, but that doesn't mean that it didn't have any potential. I knew that a beautiful piece of furniture was hiding beneath
all of those scratches and funky looking stain.

So, with the help of this nifty little sander and a little lot of elbow grease from hubs, things slowly started turning from drab to fab.

And viola! Say hello to my new wedding planning desk & office :)

And my $15 pink chair from IKEA!

Final touches of pink flower knobs completed the project :)

Isn't she pretty! I am now obsessed with my "new" desk!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Recap - Part 1

So since I am clearly way, way, way behind in the blogosphere with life updates (::hangs head in shame::), my hope is to bribe all of you, my pretty, gorgeous, lovely readers, back with pictures galore. So, here is part one of a three part life update in photos.

Earlier this month, hubs and I got tickets to a Weezer concert, and it ended up being one of the best concerts I've actually probably ever been to! We had an absolute blast and jammed the whole time. Plus, good seats always help!

A few weekends ago, I also had a chance to reunite with one of my besties for a fun night out on the town in Pittsburgh! Molly was up for a wedding, and so I took a little road trip to see her! After 4 months, it was well overdue. I love this girl with my whole heart, and best news is I get to see her again in October!

One of our favorite couple friends also came down to Columbus a few weekends ago to spend some time with us. We always have a BLAST with these two. Not to mention that Lauren and I are kindered spirits in so many ways. We met through our hubbies, but I always say that we would be friends even without them ;)

The girls will shop...

While the boys will eat...

That's all for now.. Happy (almost) Friday!! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hubs!

I want to wish my amazing hubs a very happy 27th birthday today!!! He’s truly the sweetest man I’ve ever known and I am so lucky to have met and married him. I love, LOVE, love you babe :)

Please join me in wishing my love a very happy day of birth!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Month of Birthdays!

Hi, hi, hi all!

I am so sorry I have been so MIA this month. But just bare with me as I try to rationally explain to you just how super crazy the month of August is for us. Trust me when I tell you that every single family member in addition to every single human being I have ever encountered/ befriended in life has an AUGUST BIRTHDAY or an equally important momentous occasion.

I swear to you. This is true.

So far this month we have celebrate my Grandma's birthday, hubs Grandma's birthday, hubs Grandpa's birthday, hubs Dad's birthday, my best friend's birthday and my parent's anniversary.

And it's only August 18th. Meaning that in the next two weeks, we still have my other best friend's birthday, hubs birthday, hubs brother's birthday, and our dating anniversary.

Phew. I rest my case.

So, while I have been in a food coma from shoving cake and cupcakes in my mouth on a daily basis, I have completely neglected to blog. And, unfortunately for you guys, in my world food will always win.

But I DO promise to be back to my normal self soon. And I have a lot of updates for you guys! Thanks for baring with me. I love you all!

Edited to Add: I am a Sagittarius and obvi judging from this post, I think that I get along best with Leos and Virgos. Do any of my fellow Sags out there feel this way? Or vice versa? I am interested to hear what you guys think!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beach Bums!

We have escaped for a few days... for some much needed downtime!

I'll be back with more details a little later this week. Love and miss you all! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where, oh where, did Mrs. Newlywed go?

I am here and I am baaaaacck. (Jumps up and down repeatedly and squeals.)

Can you see/hear me?

I have been a bad friend. I know, I know :(

But between traveling, coordinating weddings, attending weddings, birthdays, trips, family visits, house remodels, and the trials and tribulations of our every day life... I seriously feel like I haven't had time to even stop and breathe.

And the fact that it’s already August honestly completely creeps me out. Time is a funny thing. Those months leading up to summer can feel soooo slow. And then again June and July have seem to have gone by in a heartbeat.

I miss being lazy, blogging, catching up on my fave shows and just laying around and doing absolutely nothing! But I’m hoping to be able to get back into my normal groove very soon (fingers and toes crossed). Until then, please forgive me….


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


After six seasons of fake drama, long and uncomfortable staring over meals, and fights over cocktails (that no one seems to pay for), The Hills is coming to an end tonight. And for reals this time.

(moment of silence please….)

I am sad. Really sad.

From LC and Jason’s epic break-up to Whitney’s departure to New York to the crash and burning of Lauren and Heidi’s relationship, we’ve been through it all. Tonight’s going to be like saying goodbye to your best friends on the last day of sleep away camp. Or packing up at the end of freshman year.

After faithfully following for 101 episodes, seeing it all end in less than 6 hours will be tough. But it’s a good thing I won’t have to sob in the corner by myself watch it alone. Thank goodness for good friends!

Will you be tuning in?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

House Demolition

Oh happy day. As I alluded to in my last post, here at the Newlyweds household we've been busy with another home improvement project at our casa. And this one, my friends, was M.A.J.O.R.

Here is the back story. One day I came home from work and discovered that I hated the wall (random, i know) in between our kitchen and dining room. Like, really, really hated it. So, after an AHA, OMG THAT WOULD BE BEST! IDEA! EVER! moment, I gently proposed to my husband that we look into taking it down.

And over the weekend, my extremely handy and handsome husband (Love you, kiss kiss!) made it happen! (I know, right? He’s amazing) And I’m truly super duper excited about the final product. Hooray!

So… drumroll please… here are the before/after photos.

Amazing! No? I cannot describe how much I love the new and more open space. But I think that I would be flat out lying if I didn’t admit that it was hard work. But I am SO proud of my hubs for taking this on. One of my favorite things about him is that he is never afraid of a challenge. He loves learning and already knows how to do so much around the house. Not to mention that he looks super hot while he's home-improving ;)

Here are a few action shots I snapped during 'the demolition'.




While we love the pride and self-satisfaction that our project elicited, I think hubs will be happy to take a little break from saw swinging and wall removing for a little while.

Even Charlie was exhausted from the project... "But Mommmm, are we done yet?"


Oh and while out shopping one day, I randomly found this adorable white shelf (on clearance!)to hang on the new wall. I love, love, love it!


*** I do want to give a big THANK YOU to my wonderful mama and stepdad-in-law who came down and helped us with this! We couldn't have done it without you :) ***

Happy Friday, everyone! The only thing on our agenda this weekend is relaxing. I can't wait! I think it's well deserved ;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Friends, Food and Fireworks!!!

Hi, hi, hi and Happy Tuesday short work week everyone!

I am back into the swing of things (with new eyeballs!) after a great long weekend of eating ourselves sick celebrating our country’s birth!

Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes about my Lasik. You guys are the best and I appreciate it more than you know! My new peepers are doing great and every day i am impressed and amazed at how clear the world is. It is hands down the best thing I have ever done! I am so glad that i finally bit the bullet and did it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day celebrations! Hubs and I celebrated our Fourth of July by going downtown and seeing fireworks! They were amazing and I literally had chills the whole time. We also went back home for a couple days to continue our celebrations with some great food and friends! We had the best time and came back feeling totally relaxed and full. In fact, I think I will smell like BBQ for the next week. What more could you ask for?! :)

Here are a couple pics!

Hope you all had a great weekend and I’ll be back later this week with a few house-related project updates, so make sure you check back!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Happy Thursday, dolls. This is a life changing day in our household. I am going in for my Lasik in just a few short hours! Soon I will be valium-ed up and ready to face the lasers. While I'm a little nervous, I know that I am in good hands and that a little bit of discomfort will be worth a lifetime of good vision.... so why worry?

I might not be able to blog for a few days because my eyes may be super sensitive, but I'll be back to reguraly scheduled blogging hopefully next week.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making a wish

Hey ladies! Happy Wednesday and thank you for all the sweet comments below. You all rock!

But today I wanted to share something personal with you. I was so moved by this story that I had to share it with you all... My very good (in real life) friend Amy's {check out her blog I ain't settling for less than everything} recently told me about something very near and dear to her heart.

Amy lost her older sister Heather in 1995 to lung cancer. Heather was 15 and Amy was 11. This August will mark 15 years since she passed away. This August she would have celebrated her 30th birthday.

During her 3 year battle with cancer, which began as bone cancer in her left leg, Heather underwent the harshest dose of chemo and radiation, and lost her leg at 12. While in remission in 1994, their family was approached by The Make a Wish Foundation to grant Heather the wish of her dreams. For those of you who aren't familiar, Make-A-Wish foundation grants the wishes of children who are facing life-threatening medical conditions.

The Make a Wish Foundation provided Amy's family a once in a life time experience. Heather lost her battle the following summer when the cancer returned to her lungs. The trip to Oahu are some of Amy's last memories of her big sister.

So, this year, Amy has decided to give back to the foundation that has given so much to her family, and grant her own wish.

In Amy's words, "I am looking forward to helping another family make memories that will last a life time because I know mine are some I will never forget! Heather was the light of my grandparents lives and my moms shining star, but above all she was and is the BEST big sister that ever lived and not a day goes by that she doesn't cross my mind..who she'd be today."

This is a story of a beautiful girl whose life ended too soon. Without getting too sappy like (you probably already ‘get’ the story) this is a beautiful cause that has touched and continues to touch the lives of so many. And every family of a sick child deserves the experience that Amy and her sister had. When there isn’t a cure to save their life, there is still something positive in these children's lives to look forward to.

So I want to personally ask all of you to help my friend fulfill her wish. You can make a donation, no matter how small or big,
by clicking here.

Thank you all so much for your help. It means a lot.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A weekend full of celebrating!

Hi friends! Happy summer!

Is it nice and sunny where you are? It definitely is here. There’s no doubt that summer has arrived and I am LOVING it! We had a fun and busy weekend back home full of friends and family! We went to our friends wedding Saturday and celebrated our Dads Sunday! And, of course, I am back with some pics!

The wedding Saturday night was a blast— GREAT couple, great friends and a great time! The bride and groom are our very good friends, and we were so happy to be able to share this special day with them! Not to mention that I was super excited to wear my new green dress I just adore!

And Sunday hubs and I spent all day celebrating our Dads! (my dad and dad-in-law) This was the most special Father's Day for my sister and I because this time last year Dad was in the hospital with heart complications. I'll never forget just how worried and scared we were. He is doing much better now, and I thank God every single day that I have him in my life! He is the most kind, patient, caring and compassionate man and we are lucky to call him our Dad! Not to mention that anyone who has put up with my sister and I this long, undoubtedly deserves a big celebration, haha!

We had a fabulous weekend overall! I hope you had a good one too!