Monday, April 26, 2010

Saying goodbye & a giveaway winner announcement!

Tomorrow night my favorite reality tv show EVER comes back on for its last season.

::leaves to get some tissues::

I have been a dedicated Hills fan from day one and have been completely hooked since the Laguna Beach days where Kristin was making kissy faces with Stephen Coletti in the back of his white Toyota pick-up. Then I naturally followed my favorite Laguna besties as they traded their high school parties for fabulous Hollywood clubs, beach cookouts for amazing restaurants, surf boards and hollister clothes for fabulous fashion and side braids and black and white events for Cabo trips.

I will always have a place in my heart for their petty girl arguments about douchey boys over unnaturally lit dinners. And while I have had many moments in my long and tumultuous relationship with The Hills where I found myself angry (over LC's departure) disturbed (about the fact that the greasy haired, beanie wearing, motorcycle riding weirdo won't go away) or just plain annoyed (with Speidi freakshow), I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my favorite guilty pleasure.

Ohhh, Brody Hills how I’ll miss thee (Reality tv won’t ever be the same.. but at least I still have my fave guidos from the shore ;)

But even though The Hills may be fading into the sunset after this season, our favorite Southern California frienemies are not going out without some drama. Big drama. Coke rumors with Kristin, a new Frankenface for Heidi, and yet another repressed homosexual meltdown from Spencer… and that’s just what’s in the preview.

Do you plan to watch? I personally CANNOT WAIT.

*** *** ***

Now moving on to other things equally as exciting, I wanted to thank all of you who entered my very first giveaway! I loved hosting it so much, that I think I may do another one very soon :) So, for those of you who didn't win this time, make sure you come back and try again.

And the lucky winner who will receive a fabulously cute personalized wine glass from Flossylulus is....

Drum roll please.....

Mrs. Ruby from the lovely Ruby Red Slippers blog!

Congratulations!!! So Mrs. Ruby e-mail me at so we can chat :)

*** *** ***


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Calling all Polka Dot lovers!


So while I may be a mediocre housekeeper and an unreliable blogger, I do possess many a few good qualities. One of them just happens to be picking out amazing wineglasses. :)

And I truly believe every woman needs a personalized polka dotted wine glass in her life.. Right?

See I knew ya’ll would agree. Vino lovers unite!

If you’d like to win one of these super cute wine glasses
click here to enter my FABULOUS giveaway (and trust me…it IS!) Only two days left to enter.

Contest is open through THIS Friday April 23 at MIDNIGHT EST.

Happy entering and happy hump day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is in the aiiiiir

Happy Monday, lovelies!

Since so many of you are entering my giveaway, I feel slightly pressured to write amazing posts and bribe your love back with pretty pictures not bore you to tears. I will try not to disappoint.

This weekend I was craving the perfect photographic opportunity to finally use my semi-new camera and take pictures of something other than a lot of white snow [what, there are other seasons in the world?]. And what better subjects than a bunch of freakishly beautiful flowers? We spent our entire weekend outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. I seriously cannot get enough of this sunshine ya’ll!

Blue skies, singing birds, gorgeous flowers, warmer weather and longer days make me one happy girl!

Have a great week dolls and if you haven't already don't forget to enter my fabby giveaway below!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Bringing the blog back to life… ONE GIVEAWAY AT A TIME!

Hello & happy Friday, lovelies!

Rather than beginning my post with apologies or explanations for majorly slacking and borderline disappearing from the blogging world, I’m going to jump right in and bring this baby back to life! I think a giveaway is the perfect way to celebrate, don’t you??


Just wait until you hear more!

I am seriously excited for all of you (aka best readers eva) to get the opportunity to win a fun gift from one of my favorite etsy stores. Oh, oh, oh and this gets better! Here's your prize!

::drum roll please:

Isn't this so insanely cute?

The wonderful Heather at Flossylulus is even willing to let the winner choose the style of the wine glass! She will then personalize it, hand create it (did I tell you she was uber talented?) and send it to the winner! I know you all are dyiiiiing for one.. This glass would be an adorbs accessory to your fave summer cocktail!

To enter to win:

1.FOLLOW this blog and leave a comment telling me you're now a follower! If you're already a follower, don't forget to leave a comment too! (This counts as one entry!)

2.BLOG about this GIVEAWAY or add the GIVEAWAY to your SIDEBAR and leave a comment (and a link) telling me you did! (This will earn you a second entry!)

The giveaway ends next Friday, April 23rd! I'll announce the winner on Monday, April 26th.

GOOD LUCK DOLLS and thank you for reading and making this whole blogging thing so much fun! Also, don’t forget to check out Flossylulus to see the rest of her masterpieces!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top TWO Tuesday!

When it comes to beauty there are certain tools that every girl needs in her arsenal. Below are my top two must-have beauty secrets I can't live without:

  1. BLUSH: We all have those days when we're overly tired and look a little down in the dumps (black under eyes, blotchy skin, unsightly blemishes, hand stamps rubbed off on a cheek). Needless to say, it's not pretty, nor is it appropriate for work/school/social gatherings with friends and family. Using blush, for me, is like getting an extra 5 hours of sleep! It's right up there with a couple Advil and a giant Starbucks! A few strokes of the right blush add a dewy shimmer to my cheekbones, instantly brightening an unhappy face. It's a total face refreshment.

  2. PRIMER: Confession- I just started using primers about a year-ish ago... When I first encountered this product, I was very skeptical and confused. It didn't take long for me to discover that this clear liquid is pure magic! I use a primer daily. I won't put makeup on without it. They are great if you want your makeup to last super duper long. It makes my skin feel silky and helps the foundation goes on smoothly. Love, love, love it!


If you would like to play Top Two Tuesday, click on the button above to join! The Undomestic Momma posts new topics weekly!

I will return with our weekend recap soon! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend!

Happy belated Easter, blogarinos!

I know, I know...I'm a slacker and completely late! But in my defense, work has been crazy busy this week and by the time I get home I am just so exhausted. But TGIT!

We had a busy, fun-filled Easter weekend here! The weather Sunday was gorgeous, our Church service was beautiful and spending the day with our families was the best! And when it comes to Easter candy, I am like a 5-year-old. (see below) I may or may not have already eaten all of the Easter goodies that were in my and my sister's and hubs basket.

Here are some pictures from our Sunday funday! Hope you all are having a great week!

{you're never too old for easter baskets!}

{my silly little sis!}

{my heart!}

{with my easter basket. Thanks, MOM!}
{our cousins!}

{my beautiful God daughter!}

{Hubs & I in front of Church}

{and finally Charlie enjoying his Easter with a new tennis ball :)}

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top TWO Tuesday!

Though I love blogs and read all my news online, I still think there's nothing like picking up and reading a stack of good glossies. And for the longest time, Cosmo was my bible of choice. I looked at their editors and writers as the all-knowing gods and I read every issue religiously.

However, at some point, I found myself slightly disenchanted with Cosmo’s absurdity and their over-the-top tips and advice. It was time to move on. Afterall, I needed more mature and more refined literature. So naturally surrendered to People and US Weekly. I love celebrities and I love celebrity gossip and this only made sense. And I can proudly say, I haven't looked back.

I love luxuriating in the deliciously guilty pleasures of Us Weekly's cute new spring fashions, celebrity homes, and their stunning offspring. Or how about their Just Like Us! page? Amazing, every time. And who can resist People's latest and greatest celebrity scandals, Hollywood gossip, and of course their 'hottest bachelors' and 'most beautiful people' editions?!

But not only am I a self-proclaimed queen of magazine subscriptions, but I am also one of those people at the grocery store who welcomes the long checkout lines. While on the outside I sigh, roll my eyes and nonchalantly reach for the magazine stand in order to battle boredom of the wait, on the inside I am squealing and jumping up and down. I get to spend 10 extra minutes with Britney, Brangelina, RPats, Jen, Victoria, Jessica, Sandy and many others.

But there is one person in my life who firmly believes that my obsession with celebrities may be one foot over the normal line. (points to the man in the header) He has tried to stage a gentle intervention, with an eye towards moderation, by trying to confiscate my stack of glossies.

However, I am not surrendering. I believe that being pop-culture savvy is not an invaluable skill in this society. I have used my gossip addiction to make friends with strangers and even bond with my barista. Maybe not being able to hold a conversation without referencing television, movie, or true-life! storylines, and referring to people I have never met as intimately as if they are dear friends is a little unusual. Or maybe my daily references to Brangelina, TomKat, J. Lo, ScarJo, Speidi, SJP and LiLo are a tad bit excessive.

But hey sometimes a girl needs to read some trash, and glossy pages with juicy pictures, intriguing headlines and 14 different fonts on a page do the trick every time :)


Edited to add- If you would like to play Top Two Tuesday, click on the button above to join! The Undomestic Momma posts new topics weekly!

I will return with our Easter weekend recap tomorrow! Hope everyone's having a fabulous Tuesday!