Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where, oh where, did Mrs. Newlywed go?

I am here and I am baaaaacck. (Jumps up and down repeatedly and squeals.)

Can you see/hear me?

I have been a bad friend. I know, I know :(

But between traveling, coordinating weddings, attending weddings, birthdays, trips, family visits, house remodels, and the trials and tribulations of our every day life... I seriously feel like I haven't had time to even stop and breathe.

And the fact that it’s already August honestly completely creeps me out. Time is a funny thing. Those months leading up to summer can feel soooo slow. And then again June and July have seem to have gone by in a heartbeat.

I miss being lazy, blogging, catching up on my fave shows and just laying around and doing absolutely nothing! But I’m hoping to be able to get back into my normal groove very soon (fingers and toes crossed). Until then, please forgive me….



  1. I know what you mean!! The summer has FLOWN by! It will be Christmas before you know it!! Crazzy! Hope things settle down for you!

  2. Now how can anyone be mad at you when you post a pic like that!?

  3. That's so wrong to use Charlie as a pawn...you know nobody could be mad at that adorable face :)

    And I know...I feel like summer just flew by, craziness.

  4. As excited as I am for fall and Buckeye football, I am not ready to give up my summer vacation! We have a love-hate relationship.


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