Friday, November 27, 2009

A Special Thanksgiving :)

I hope you all had a fantastical Thanksgiving, celebrating and enjoying those you love. And I hope your pants still fit. I know I did. :)

I have been so blessed and am extremely thankful for so many things this year.. I consider myself one very lucky gal to have the life I have. The most important thing that I am thankful for and that I could not live without are the relationships I have in my life. My family is the best gift I have even been given. My friends are the greatest treasure I have ever found. And my husband is the best combination of both.

Yesterday we spent the entire day visiting our families. I feel like this year we have been so insanely busy, that we haven't seen our families as much. It was nice spending time with our loved ones and just catching up. Our families keep us grounded.. We are lucky to be surrounded by such a teriffic support system. Being around them really forces us to slow down a little, and puts things in perspective.

Speaking of slowing down, today is Black Friday, and since I'm something of a shopaholic, I'm headed out to join the masses for a day of elbowing and kicking people fiscal debauchery. I love love love Black Friday. It is so fun getting out into the hustle and bustle of the start of the Christmas season. My little sis and I always go together. It's become a tradition. We are 'Team Black Friday' haha.

We are never really on a mission for one particular thing on Black Friday. I'm not a crowd-fighter or someone who camps out overnight to get that 'must-have' item, but I still want to get great deals! So while I won't be out there mowing down innocent bystanders while swan-diving for the latest 'must have', I will be prepared with my elbows sharpened and my eyes acutely aware. :)

And in the words of my bright little sis,
"If someone ends up fighting anyone to save $15 on a toaster oven then something went wrong earlier in life." HA!

So what are you on the prowl for this Black Friday? And did you find it?


  1. I love shopping on black friday! I'm normally not looking for any one particular thing. And definitely never one of the "must have" items. I just love getting in the holiday spirit and shopping til I drop. :)

  2. I love that you had some time to catch up with your family! Finally! :) Glad you had a wonderful turkey day. I have never been a black friday girl, but it must be so fun having that tradition with your sister!

  3. as surprising as it is... i have NEVER shopped on black friday! CRAZY! Hope you got some great things!

  4. lol...hope you found some cute finds yesterday! :)

  5. You get mad props for going out in that craziness!!!

  6. girl you are brave! i stay at home on black friday!!

  7. HAHAHA don't you love black Friday. I saw so many fights break out over the silliest of things.

  8. I love black friday! I headed to NY&Co for 1/2 off!

  9. I got a handful of movies, and a Michael Buble CD. I think I've pretty much always ventured out on Black Friday!


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