Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mildly Hyperventilating

This is not my car. It can't be.

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Could someone please be kind enough to pass me a paper bag? So, so surreal.

_____ ______ ______

Also, on another note, we had our 37 week appointment Wednesday and found out that I may be pregnant forever this little lady already has a mind of her own. Apparently, she has decided to stay in mama's ute until preschool, at least.

According to my doctor, she's still very high, not engaged and there's been no progress at all. She just seems to be pretty comfy and cozy in there, which is still okay with me. I am still loving feeling her Fred Astraire ballroom dance moves in there and I know when she finally makes her debut, that will be one part I know I'll miss. And because she is apparently still under the impression that she's auditioning for next season's Dancing With The Stars, the doctor really couldn't tell her position. So this means that we now get another ultrasound next Tuesday to see her exact whereabouts. I am so excited to see her again, and for this bonus ultrasound! Originally we were not going to have another one, and I was a little disappointed. Not to mention that we're keeping our fingers, toes, arms, legs and yea pretty much everything else crossed that she's head down. Otherwise this mama will have to spend the next two weeks standing on her head :)

I'll be back next Tuesday with an update! Thanks everyone for your sweet comments below. You sure know how to make a pregnant chickadee feel good. I am sending out a hug to you all! Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I had very little progress until 38-39 weeks - I was only dilated about 1-2 cm for the last 2-3 weeks and didn't seem to be making much progress, but then at 39.5 weeks, things went fast and my daughter was born three days before her induction date :) She didn't drop much until the 24 hours before I had her, either, and I like to think that's why her head wasn't cone-y, too :) Hang in there - hope your princess is head down and dances her way out soon!

  2. Oh, it gets worse. And by worse, I mean better. The baby stuff taking over, that is. :)

    I miss being pregnant, but I don't miss how I felt at the very end! I was happy to have it end a week early. :)

  3. I was 11 days late! She will come when she is good and ready right =) ha ha I miss the feelin of my little girls moving and kicking inside me its just those last few weeks that are the hardest! She will be here soon enjoy it as much as you can!!!

  4. I also ALSO going to hyperventilate when our baby seat is in my car!! I am 37 and a half weeks today, and I can't believe how soon she is coming!! Currently its hard to imagine I won't have repeated rib kicks when I am huddled in with my lap top reading my favourite blogs! LOL
    Good Luck!! Baby will come in the right time for her!

  5. Don't worry about not progressing any. My sweet baby girl didn't drop and I didn't progress at all until the minute I went into labor. It's completely normal, but it's a little frustrating because you want SOMETHING to happen to let you know everything is normal.

    Oh, and putting the carseat in freaked me out a little. I kept driving around looking in the rearview mirror. Haha!

  6. Once she's ready, she'll make her big debut...yay for getting an extra ultrasound.

  7. good luck with everything...thinking about you and your healthy baby!

  8. 37 weeks is still very early to be seeing progress, no worries. As long as she is head down and stays that way, she might not engage until the day you go into labor! Hang in there :)

  9. Just you wait until she's IN that car seat for the first time and somebody has to press the gas pedal! I think Alexi drove 35mph all the way home the first time we had Mariela in the car and that included highway driving. :)


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