Monday, June 1, 2009

June? Already?

It’s already June. WHOA. Can anyone tell me where this year has gone, because I really can’t figure it out?!

I survived Hubs and I both survived the trip home and managed to have another fantastic weekend with friends and family. I am back with tons of pictures!

**** **** ****

Saturday morning we left pretty early to go to the Indians/Yankees game. The game didn't start until 7 p.m. but hubs and his friends organized a tailgate party. I swear, I never heard of tailgating for a baseball game until I met hubs. But this guy will tailgate for anything. *Le sigh*

Moving on. Thankfully, I was not the only girl there. So while the boys played corn hole and cooked out, the girls ate and chatted about anything and everything (more specifically, J&K+8, or now J-K+8).

{my sissy and I before we left!}

{and again}

{hub and his brother}


{playing corn hole. he prides himself on his perfect technique, but I just think he's a hottie! }

{at the baseball game~!}

**** **** ****

And while we were away, Charlie was having his own fun with my sister. I swear I sometimes get jealous of my dog. Is that wrong? But I am not kidding when I say that *he has the life*. For example, while we were gone, my sister took him to the pet store, bought him freshly-baked doggie doughnuts and then took him to an exclusive doggie beach park, called Bow Wow Beach where they spent all day. Needless to say that once we came home, he was out.

{on his way to Bow Wow beach.}

**** **** ****

The rest of the weekend, we spent some time with our neighbor baby! Can we talk about how stinkin' cute this little guy is? Not to mention that he is the world's best baby. Of course. Just my luck. Why can't I be stuck watching a baby that constantly screams and cries? Then I wouldn't want any. But being around this little guy, I've been feeling some urges. But it was probably just gas. Right? There's still stuff I want to do before I start peeing on $15 plastic sticks. :)


I hope you all have a fabulous beginning to your week.


  1. i think its funny you call that game "corn hole" we call it "bag-o" where im from!

    oh and all you have to do is watch a 2 year old for a few will DEF put the breaks to any baby talk after that!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm from Cleveland :)

  3. Aww, serioulsy? The little guy is too cute.

  4. Charlie really does seem to have the good life!

    And that baby is PRECIOUS! I so know what ya mean about staying away from good babies. Too many good babies leads to me wanting babies now...which in the big picture isn't the best for now!

  5. you look gorgeous!!! And how sweet is that baby!! xxoo

  6. such good pics! you always look so cute! glad you had a great trip and weekend!
    ps...I can't believe it's June either! geez!

  7. great pics! that baby sure looks good in your arms haha : )

  8. im sooo glad you found my blog! I LOVE your blog too:) so glad to follow:)
    u are soo stinking cute and looks like you had a wonderful weekend! so fun... i love your striped shirt! and your puppy is too cute:)

  9. What an adorable post, from the cute outfits, the cute baby and of course Charlie! Loves it!

  10. That baby is precious! :)
    And Charlie truly does live the good life !: )


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