Thursday, June 25, 2009

My brain is completely discombobulated.

Everyone has occasional episodes of forgetfulness.


I like to think that being slightly forgetful is part of my charm.

(Don't disillusion me.)

But this week has been worse than normal. much.worse. And I am totally not even exaggerating. I have had four random acts of momentary forgetfulness, and it is ONLY Thursday. (I think.)


So let's take my library trip, for instance.
Monday I drove to the library, to return the books I’ve now renewed online three times because I didn’t have time to actually GO to the library. (Or, indeed, to read the books, which was annoying.*) Anyhoo, I arrived at the library parking lot only to realize that, whoops, I hadn’t actually bothered to bring the books with me. THEY were sitting on the table in the living room.

Yesterday, I went to the mall to get my eyebrows threaded, as usual. When I was done, I got up, paid and started walking towards the parking lot only to find my eyebrow lady running after me. She was asking me if I wanted my phone that I had left there.


Oh and this morning I brushed my teeth TWICE. I brushed them when I first woke up. Then after making our bed, I went to the bathroom and started brushing again. It did not occur to me until the end of morning brush #2 what had happened.

Like all this isn’t enough, last night Matt spent a few hours searching the house for my car keys (‘he’ had them last, so he was on searching duty). They were eventually tracked down in MY other purse. (see- I have the most patient and saint-like husband. I am glad at least one of us has it together!)

Honestly, I am not sure where my brain has been this week, but I would like to kindly ask it to come back asap.

Otherwise, I may have to start writing my To Dos straight on my hand.

p.s. - I did manage to get to the library eventually. Swear.


  1. Hopefully the rest of your week goes better...I think we all have periods like this.

  2. Hahaha oh goodness I have days like that too where I need to write things down on my hand because I'm not with it!

  3. OMG I hate days like this!!! Thank goodness it's almost the weekend!

  4. haha i have days like that too! I usually have a fantastic memory!

  5. Hilarious! At least you know your teeth are EXTRA clean now!

  6. I hate to put this on the table, but could you be preggers? My friend started doing stuff like this all the time about a week before she found out she was preggers. It of course is still continuing, just not as bad (due any day now). Just thought I'd throw it out there. Hopefully I didn't scare you! :)

  7. Atleast your minty fresh now! :)


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