Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random Thoughts!

Since my brain is still in post-vacation mush right now, today's post will be a hodge podge of all of my loves & hates currently.. Enjoy and share with me some of yours! :)

Love: Went out with my girlfriends last night for drinks and dancin'. The reason why I heart bachelorette parties is that they are always a guaranteed good time. We had très fun!
Hate: Dare I out myself as a boring old lady and admit to my headache this morning after only a couple drinks...

Love: vacation!
Hate: that my vacation ended last week.

Love: eating ice cream for breakfast
Hate: feeling sick 30 minutes later

Love: The house and all the work we have done to it.
Hate: The thing that starts with an “mmmm” and ends with an “ortgage.”

Love: This glorious sunshine!
Hate: The beautiful weather comes on workdays, and the rain comes on the weekends.

Love: The new recipes I have been trying out.
Hate: That I haven’t posted any of my recipes! I suck!

Love: Reality T.V.
Hate: The new season of the Real World.

Love: Having friends of every phase of my life
Hate: friends being far away

Love: My husband for rubbing my feet every night without complaint. And I’m not even pregnant or anything! He is just nice like that.
Hate: That I have been putting off scheduling my pedi and it's already mid-July!

Love: My fabulous and thoughtful and nice and gorgeous blog readers. I know I don’t reply to all your comments these days but just know that you are way too nice to me and I totally plan on keeping you around :)
Hate: That it is already Sunday night... It simply can’t be, because my gigantic laundry pile is still teasing me from the other room: “Wash me…or go to work without underwear tomorrow!”

Now tell me your loves & hates, dolls!


  1. Mmmhmm, I can definitely relate to your loves and hates! Boo to vacations ending and to piles of laundry!

  2. haha love it.. I also cant handle more than a few drinks these days.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been putting off a pedi forever and just realized summer is half over!

  4. I love my job and am thankful I have a great one.
    I hate that it's Monday and I am not motivated to work, AT ALL!


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