Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Labor Day Ever.

Hi ladies--

We had a tres fab weekend and contrary to the name we did no laboring! : )

But between going to the OSU game, the Greek Festival, and nights out on the town, we still managed to stay pretty busy, in typical Newlyweds fashion! (speaking of fashion, hope you all packed those white shoes away!)

Hubs and I with our friends at the Ohio State season kickoff

{walking to the Stadium. I *love* OSUs campus!)

(with Randy and Lauren. We love these two!)

{yup, I am a #1 fan!}

{right before the game!}

{the view from our seats}

{he looks hot in red!}

{i love this picture!}

We also managed to find some time to go to the annual Greek Fest and stuff our faces with gyro, baklava and some mataxa sours! We had a blast. Not to mention that the festival is held at the church where hubs and I were married :)

{in front of OUR church :)

{with drew, my besties brother who is one of the Greek dancers}


{love greek dancing!}

{my love}

{my one and only :) }

I hope you all had a safe, happy, and relaxing celebration to mark then end of summer! And tomorrow is already Wednesday. Gotta love short work weeks!

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Edited to Add-- Do you like my bangs? I had them cut last week!


  1. WHOA girl! Where did you get that adorable yellow purse?!?! So glad you had a great weekend (: & LOVE the bangs ;)

  2. I love your bangs. You are so adorable. Looks like a fun weekend!

  3. Two thumbs up on then bangs! I've come close to cutting some myself, but I can't do it. Growing them out last time was such a pain and permenantly scarred me.

    So jealous you got to go to the game. Watching it from home just wasn't the same.

  4. You guys are such a cute couple!

  5. Oooh girl I love me some Greek food so I would totally hit up a festival if we had one here.

    Got to say though I can't show love for OSU since I'm an MSU girl but I think you look really cute!

  6. love your bangs! love your hair in general, looks adorable in all the pics!
    so many great pics btw! you are gorgeous ;)
    greek food-yummy!
    you and your man are the cutest couple!!

  7. Do you always look that gorgeous? I mean, I have never seen even a questionable picture of you! Looks like a great weekend!

  8. yall are so cute! Love the stadium pictures!

  9. I LOVE your hair! And yes, the bangs look great!

  10. cute bangs! LOVE all the season is so fun! The Greek Festival looks awesome! That is right up my alley!!

  11. I am in love with your bangs! I just got some myself and it is such a change :)

  12. uh! you are just too cute. can i have your hair please and thank you :)

  13. you guys are so cute!

    and yes, love the bangs!!

  14. oh yes love the bangs...and the nail polish!!! ya'll look so cute at the that the girls wear not in the south! great pics and glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  15. Looks like a fun labor day, and even tho it was the boo buckeyes (lol), the stadium pictures do look great! :)

  16. Looks like such a fun weekend! And I totally love your bangs!

  17. You look super cute in all of those pictures, but that much red made me throw up in my mouth a little bit ;) I'm a Spartan fan true and through and the only thing that brings us and U of M fans together is our mutual dislike for OSU :)

  18. YAY for football!! I love me some football :)


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