Wednesday, September 16, 2009

People of Walmart

Happy hump day, lovelies!

Have you been to People of Walmart website yet?

Because it's amazing. Go look now.

People send in photos of other customers at Wal-Mart that would rival some of the fashions at State Fairs, prisons, and backwoods hideouts.

Here are some recently featured outrageously crazy, creepy and bad (in a human train wreck kind of way) Walmart shoppers.


(only in you know where.)

(Jurassic Park)

(Protecting our country one Walmart at a time.)

(The super mullet! )

(Hey at least it's half covered.)

(Oh yes, this is real)

(What are the chances of finding shorts to match that shirt? What are the chances of finding a girl to talk to a guy who found shorts to match that shirt?)

(Where else can you can shop for milk at 10 a.m. next to a woman wearing this?)

(Where do you think he bought this shirt?)

And last but not least, when all else fails, you can always have a Walmart Wedding?


And don't forget your camera next time you visit a Walmart near you!


  1. oh my word! I HATE walmat. I seriously had one of their "special" greeters harass me because I didnt have a HUGE box in a bag and he said I couldn't leave the store until it was in a bag. IT WAS HORRIBLE! I wanted to yell at him but I couldn't bring myself to even when he started SCREAMING at me that I was STEALING something I had just paid for! It was rediculous! Never going to walmart.

  2. hahaha I love that website, it's so true of every single walmart anywhere.

  3. You know we considered Walmart for our wedding location but decided not too, close second though...LOL.

    These are hilarious!

  4. yikes!!!! I actually have never been to a Wallmart.. this may deter me even more, haha, xoxxoo

  5. SHUTUPrightnow! the wedding is just too much!

    i love this site and since im from arkansas - HOME of extremely thankful that most of these pics are NOT taken in arkansas!!! HAHA

  6. This is awesome! I thought it was just our Louisiana Walmarts that were horrible but apparently we're not the only klassy people around haha!

  7. oh my gosh, where did they get my wedding photos?! ;)


  8. Wow...sad thing is that I can actually believe these are real pics!

  9. i've seen this site before! some of these pics are just ridiculous!

  10. This is incredible. Seriously just made my day worthwhile.

  11. That is too funny. I got that in an email this morning. haha! I found your blog through my recommendations on google reader. Tres cute! I'm now a follower=)

  12. those were some absolutely classy pictures!

    hahaha totally gave me a great laugh for the day.

  13. Hilarious!! I avoid walmart most of the time and it's mostly because the people there freak me out! I don't know what it is about that store that attracts all the crazies...

  14. shutuprightnow!!!!!!!!!!! This is SO true! The wedding!?

  15. OMG. That one of the guy with the tail KILLED me!

  16. love it! Something else to add to my list of daily checking!

  17. That site is FANTASTIC! I'm a bit suspicious as to how much the first photo resembles our walmart here in Jacksonville, NC... I really wouldn't be surprised. And a walmart wedding? That is something to work for!!

  18. that site, only at wal-mart! :)


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