Friday, January 16, 2009

I need help. In more ways than one.

There is a secret about me that I have not told you about… yet. Today, I am deciding to enlighten all my readers by giving you a glimpse into my crazy other life.

I am a part-time wedding planner (in addition to my grown-up 9-5 job).

I know, I know - you're shocked. But I'd be lying if I said that I did not enjoy LOVE planning my wedding with every little bone in my body. I have enjoyed it obsessed about it so much so that I cannot let it go. I have tried… and tried… and tried. I can’t do it. Every Friday night I fall asleep thinking about girls getting married that Saturday morning and praying for good weather. I still subscribe to wedding magazines. I look creep on people’s wedding pictures more than appropriate. I’ve worn my wedding dress in public around the house a time or two several times since the big day. Just to name a few.

So, to fill my very obvious addiction, I have fully immersed myself into planning weddings for other ladies.

Planning the big day can be summarized into three words: vision, strategy, and execution. The three words that I happily embrace with all of my type-Aness. So, this, and the fact that I planned my own wedding by myself from beginning to end, makes me very qualified to do this job.

And tonight I am meeting with one of my current victims clients. Her wedding is in May and tonight we are discussing details. We met once before over coffee and she is such a sweetheart. I am honored and flattered that she asked me to help her plan the most important day of her life. I cannot wait to see it all come together and I am ready for the challenge. And the fact that someone is paying me big bucks to take control put in my two cents…. What could be better than that?! Not to mention that the proceeds from my side gig go to our travel fund which brings us one step closer to vacation! Yippie! I will keep you updated on this adventure and will, of course, share pictures in May!

Now for some comic relief, here is a quick list of how you know you should be a wedding planner:

  • When you tell someone the wedding colors are Chocolate Brown and Robin's Egg Blue, and they ask what those look like, you look at them like they're the crazy person.
  • You take it upon yourself to tell all of your engaged friends which locations to look into, despite the fact that they already have their location booked.
  • You use words like candelabra, boudoir, and color palette in your everyday vocabulary.
  • Suddenly, $30,000 doesn't seem like that much money.
  • You know the term STD means Save the Dates, duh.
  • The women on Bridezillas don't seem that crazy anymore.
  • You go to weddings and spend your night comparing every detail of that wedding to your own, and embarrass yourself by saying stuff like, “Remember at our wedding? Our cake tasted much better!”


  1. I'm so jealous!! I would love to do plan weddings!!! haha I can't wait to plan my own (i mean its pretty much already planned out in my mind).

  2. I loved my wedding planning too, but I think I'm too opinionated to help others..

  3. that seems like a fun job... i would probably crack under pressure tho


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