Wednesday, January 28, 2009

*Snow Day!*

Oh what a day! This morning they declared a ‘snow emergency warning’ for the city of Columbus, which meant all residents must stay indoors and avoid driving. This level foresees that those who violate it are arrested.

You don’t have to tell us twice. We didn’t move off the couch all day.

So, I’ll take a break from lounging to share a little snow day fun with you. :)

I love snow on trees...

the little man waiting to come inside- he was freezing!
how could I say no to that face?

my favorite little mug :)


  1. There simply are not words for how precious your new little baby is.

  2. That puppy is just so freaking cute!! I bet you just love on him nonstop!

  3. Charlie is too cute! He needs a cute sweater to keep him warm =] lol

    By Columbus as in Columbus, OH? If so my uncle & his family live there!

  4. I wish I were enjoying a snow day! You're little guy looks so cute in these photos!

  5. Ooh, your snow day sounds cosy!

    Your pup is honestly just TOO cute!!


  6. Ugh, I am beyond in love with your little puppy.

  7. Ugh, I am BEYOND in love with your little puppy!

  8. Big Man won't let me get a i will just love yours for now! :)


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