Friday, January 9, 2009


I promised to show you our finished cabinets. It’s taken an entire month week, a lot of patience and the last remaining piece of our sanity, but at last - we have fully functional, freshly painted kitchen cabinets.

And now I have to give credit where credit is due. Mad props to my husband for his mad cabinet painting skillz… Me on the other hand, I helped a lot little. But, I did go shopping while part of this went on, of course. So I can take only take a little bit of credit for what’s happened with our kitchen this week, but I am happy to report that I DO have a really nice new purse :)

Well, since I know that you all have been losing sleep wondering how they turned you go! (for befores, scroll down or click here)

(notice the new cabinet hardware!)

the first time I ever operated a drill

the look of determination

while I drilled, he measured

and, Ta Da!

The kitchen is now complete. And I promise that this is the last post you will have to read about my house decorating woes for … oh, how about forever? Because that sounds good to me right about now :)


  1. wow...kudos to you and the looks like a completely different kitchen!

  2. The kitchen looks is very motivating to me to see that y'all survived cabinet painting. But how come there wasn't a photo of the purse???
    (turkishdelight from the nest)

  3. They looks so much better painted white! Excellent choice!


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