Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday Morning

Another beautiful Sunday morning crept through the blinds this morning.

While most of the city is still asleep or recovering from Saturday night, hubby and I are early risers. Hanging in bed with Charlie, reading today’s paper, listening to Jack Johnson, and watching snow flakes float lazily past our window. I love Sundays.

Enough thinking for now. Must make the trek downstairs to the coffee maker.

But before I do that, I will leave you with new pictures of the doll baby.

[my angel]

[i'm slightly gansta]
[good puppy pants]
[sleepy puppy]

[please, mommy?]

[family portrait]


  1. Oh I can't get over his sweet face! So cute!

  2. the gangsta one is hilarious!! :)

  3. Your puppy is soooo cute!!! Lazy Sundays are the BEST!!!

  4. Ok, so I'm seriously in love with your puppy!! What a doll!! :) Glad you guys are having a great Sunday!

  5. oh my gosh he is SO cute and you have the prettiest hair ever!!! jealous!

  6. Love how puppies can make all those sweet little faces. He's so cute =]

  7. just found your blog and LOVE it. and that puppy definitely reeled me in ha. too cute :)

  8. omg that puppy is too dag on cute for works it's getting cuter every time you upload more pics
    Krystle from the knot

  9. I think you've got a modeling puppy on your hands!

    You should totally do a Daily Charlie photo!! haha! He's just too precious!


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