Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh. My. Gawd.

So, this post isn't about Charlie and I apologize... I know that I he has such a dedicated fan base amongst you all. And trust me, he truly loves each and every one of you. I know this because he is licking the monitor as I type this. <3

Today's post is about my other obssession. Yes, I am talking about Britney, ya'll.
I was absolutely and utterly in tears devastated yesterday when I read that Brit Brit has reportedly threatened to cancel her much-anticipated Circus tour if her kids can't go on the road with her. [of course I have good amazing tickets! Don't judge me].

THAT would be the worst thing ever! I very strongly dislike K-Fat K-Fed.

Well you can imagine my over-the-moon excitement this morning when my best.friend.forever trusted news source Perez Hilton cleared up the drama:

Says a statement from camp Britney:"Britney is so excited to kick off her tour. She has been enjoying every moment of rehearsals and is looking forward to performing in front of a live audience again. Both Sean Preston and Jayden James will, in fact, be joining Britney throughout the duration of her tour."

Whoot whoot! See you all at the Pittsburgh show!


  1. O.M.G. thank you for not leaving me hanging with that post. if you hadn't cleared it up in the end I would have been frantically searching to find out if it was still true! I'm going to see my girl Brit Brit too! In Chicago, how about you?
    p.s. "always late but worth the wait." I'm adopting that slogan now too!

  2. haha!! You crack me up!

    I'm having Charlie withdrawal! just kidding! hehe ; )

  3. I heard the same thing and I swear I had a mini stroke! I'm seeing her in Tampa in March and then Columbus in April! (ha, I know, obsessed much but . . . I am!)

  4. i heard this on the radio this morning and i am so glad that you post things that are not "newlywed related" as well. sometimes, i just can't think of anything. lol

  5. lol..Perez is most ultimate news source too.. :)


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