Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Post Where I Embarrass My Husband

My husband is a sleep talker. And I don't mean an occasional mmmhmmm or uhhhuh. Full on conversations. So, as you can imagine, this has led to some fun times in our house. The weird thing is he can go for months without saying a word, and then all of a sudden he turns into Chatty McChatterson, talking non-stop, and none of it making sense.

My favorite sleep talking episode? That would be the time a couple of years ago when I was woken up by really loud sounds. Once I fully realized what was going on, I could not contain my hysterical laughter. My husband was humming on top of his lungs. And it actually sounded pretty good. I'm still wondering why he never auditioned for Idol :)

Anyway, it so happens that we’re currently going through a McChatty period, which was marked this week by two episodes. The episode last night lasted about 30 minutes and was silly gibberish that didn't make sense. However, the one Monday night was a different story.

ME: What?!???
HUBBY: I think it should be alright. Ok.
ME: (giggling a bit) Babe, I don’t understand you.
HUBBY: I got you. I will solve it. I just have to hurry. We will follow it!
ME: (laughing) OK, I see. Go back to sleep.

At which point he gave me a look of relief, fell to his pillow and continued sleeping immediately.

He is one weird dude. But this is just another reason why I love him :) [unless he starts talking about me!] Although really where is my video camera when I need it?


  1. lol..I think I would die laughing if my boyfriend did that.

  2. Too funny! My hubby actually had a sleep talking episode earlier this month as well. It really is hard to contain the laughter!!

  3. haha great story!! i talk in my sleep, and normally say crazy off the wall stuff to my husband. :)

  4. Hilarious!! Get that video camera!

  5. this makes me laugh SO much. My husband does the SAME thing! Although it's usually about work (poor guy.. all computers and finance nonsense). My favorite thing to do is try to coax more out of him. It's HILARIOUS. Silly husbands!

  6. My husband does the exact same thing! He also sometimes has these night terrors where he gets out of bed. One time he thought there was a fire on the wall behind our bed. I'm so nervous one day he will leave the house in his sleep. He's gotten close. I was out of town once and he was all the way downstairs at the front door (naked) before he woke up.

  7. My husband does this too!! He woke me up in the middle of the night last week talking about whole wheat bread that was apparently missing. LOL :)

  8. that is too funny! I would so get a video of it : )

  9. Thats too funny. My husband does the same thing. Normally it starts off when him laughing in his sleep. I love it when I ask him questions and he talks back.

  10. My husband does the same thing. At least 3 times a week he laughs in his sleep. Its the best when they answer your questions.

  11. First, I just found your blog and think it's great! Looking forward to reading more :)

    Second, I can totally relate to your husband. I'm a sleep talker too. Poor Husby has had his fair share of giggles over our nonsense conversations.


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