Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And you thought YOU had problems?

So, I normally don't blog about news-y stuff, but this lady will just not go away.. And just when I thought that Nadya $uleman and her 128,650 kids' 15 minutes were almost up- WRONG!

Octolooney is back!

I just read this morning that $uleman confirmed that she will indeed have her own TV show. Yikes. And this comes after repeatedly saying that she wanted the media and public attention to go away and to leave her alone...

This trainwreck soap opera doesn't look like it will end any time soon.

So my question is, what network in their right mind would even broadcast this trainwreck? And more importantly, are there people out there that would watch this?

But I just found this spoof that Jimmy Kimmel did on her and had to share it. It's pretty funny :)

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. And to top it off, the show is going to follow the kids until they're 18!!! Poor kids:(

  2. I keep having problems posting comments!! :( I've tried on the last couple of posts...but no luck. But just wanted to say I LOVED your Nashville pictures!!

    I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found myself so angry and frustrated with this crazy lady when I watched it on the news this morning!! Those poor kids don't have a chance, it breaks my heart!!

    Ok,hopefully I can get this comment to work!! :)

  3. She's so annoying. I heard that it's only going to air in the UK for now and see how it goes before they decide whether or not to have it on in the US. Probably b/c she knows people in the US will freak out!

  4. Ugh, that lady is nothing but a attention whore...she's just using her kids to get money...poor kids.

  5. She is a freakin' loon! She needs to be locked up.


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