Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway :)

This weekend was very productive and very eventful [in a good way.]

One of my close friends Kristen has been back in town from Colorado for several weeks, and I finally got to see her Saturday! There is nothing I love more than catching up with my girlfriends, and this one I miss every single day of my life. I miss the days when we used to see each other every day… [these are a few pictures from way way way back in the day, so be nice ;) ]

But one wonderful thing that I love about our friendship is that we can always pick up right where we left off, no matter how much time has passed. And we had a lot of catching up to do because talking on the phone is neither one of our strengths not to mention that it has been over a year since we had seen each other. And let’s face it, facebook creeping can only get us so far.

So, she came over around 4 on Saturday to get ready. After that we headed downtown to a small, cozy Greek restaurant that serves the most amazing Gyro’s in town [I am not just saying this. It had been voted the best gyro restaurant in the city for the last 6 years.] The restaurant was packed, but well worth the wait. Their wine selection is superb and the food, of course, is to die for. After we had gorged ourselves and downed more wine than anyone should clearly overstayed our welcome [we were there for almost 4 hours!], we headed to the local strip of bars for some much needed bar hopping and dancin’. We stayed until last call, very typical, and my lovely husband came to pick us up! We came back to our house, and stayed up another two hours just gabbing away. It was terrific.

Days like that make me realize just how lucky I am to have such great group of friends, and Kristen is certainly at the very top of that group! And as easy as it could have been for us to lose contact and never talk again, I am SO glad that we have stayed so close. And when she left Sunday morning both of us shed a little tear, and I hope that it’s not another year before I see her!

Sunday I totally slept in. I love getting up late and lounging around in my bed under the covers slowly letting my body awake from either a night of debauchery. There are few things in life that bring me pure, unadulterated, relaxing, happiness and lazy Sunday mornings are one of them.. So sunday I spent the day doing errands and chores for the house. And even though that may not sound like a lot of fun, I always enjoy it. I even like the most mundane of errands, like standing in long lines at Trader Joes to get my groceries or speeding frantically to my dry cleaners to keep my clothes from being donated to the cleaners by actually picking them up. The rest of the day, hubby and I just spent relaxing...

Hope all of you had a fabulous weekend and are having a good week. It’s SNOWING here today. Bahahaha.
Aaaaaand i’m done. Phew that was a long one. (Thats what she said ) ;)


  1. Yay for girlfriend time, it's the best!

    P.S. I hate the snow too :-(

  2. yay for girls nights! Those pictures are adorable!!!

  3. Yay for girlfriends! They are the best medicine!

  4. i love girlfriends like that! they are the ones that stick around forever and make you super happy!

  5. Oh I just love catching up with old friends. Glad y'all had fun!

  6. I think you know you have a true best friend when you can not see or speak to each other in months, then meet up and it's like nothing has changed and no time has passed. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!

  7. Girlfriends are great!I have one I've known since we were in playschool.My best friends

    I was reading your other posts when i came across the one about 'baby fever'.You wont belive how familiar it sounds.I got married recently and I seem to have these I-want-a baby-too attacks sometimes much to the horror of hubs...grin!!

  8. cute pics..great girlfriends really are the best!! sounds like a good weekend!


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