Sunday, April 5, 2009

Please Excuse This Interruption To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

But I have breaking news..

Our very good friends and neighbors had a beautiful little baby boy this weekend. The baby and mom are both happy and healthy, and of course, everyone is over the moon [including me, eeeee!]. Hubs and I are creeping going over there tomorrow to see the little guy, and I cannot wait. I want to steal love little babies. I baked them cute little blue 'its a boy' cupcakes and Matt is going to stop at a florist tomorrow to buy flowers. I will have pictures soon for everyone, I promise :)

Edited to Add: On another note, I now for the first time, ever, am starting to get a very *mild* case of baby fever. *gasp* I don’t know why, but lately, being around all these kiddies, I want one of my own. Seeing our friend with her baby bump made me want one. I don’t know what it is, but I think as soon as i turned 25, my biological clock which I thought was missing completely, started ticking. Weird!

[disclaimer: this does NOT mean that we are trying or that we WILL be any time soon. I am completely content with my furbaby Charlie right now. But just had to throw it out there.]


  1. Aw, I love little babies too. Congrats to your friends! Very cute cupcakes. Makes me want to eat one right now. = )

  2. those are the cutest cupcakes ever! well done! :) tonight at work ( i work in the ER at our hospital) we had like 10 babies under the age of one come in and i got to hold every one of them. it's so tempting to take off running with one sometimes!! :)

  3. i think that too, then they start crying and I rem. why i don't want one furbaby is enough for now.

  4. Awe, a little "newlywed" would be pretty precious!! LOL!!

    Cute cupcakes!!! Have fun loving on that sweet little baby!!

  5. adorable cupcakes!

    ps. I have baby fever too, but we are waiting till next year. I dont think my fur baby is ready for me to have a kid haha

  6. awww I love new lil babies!!! gives me the fever too :)

  7. how exciting! baby fever is SO contagious!

  8. I know exactly how you feel. While part of me wants to have a baby soon-ish. The rational part knows I don't really want one for several more years!


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