Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Me and My Not So Green Thumb

I have many different talents (yes, thank you, thank you very much), but planting and keeping flowers alive has never been one of them. I do not have a green thumb. But what I do have is a unique ability to kill every single plant I have ever come in contact with. So my 'green thumb' is more of a yellowish-brown color, you could say.

You see, when we first moved into our new house last April, I tried and tried to keep previous owner's blooming beauties alive. (they were stunning) But, no luck. My flower killing spree just continued.

two thumbs down.

I’ve tried indoor flowers, flowers that require little water, flowers that need very little shade — the list goes on and on. They always start out healthy, but then the plant dies on me. The problem is though, I love flowers and refuse to give up. Although I may be singlehandedly wiping out entire populations of plants, I am not yet ready to let it go.

However, to make things even worse, my lovely other half was a landscaper in another life time. I promise you this! He’s just a natural. He keeps our lawn perfectly manicured and mows the grass about 12 times a week. He has even offered to help me. However, I refuse to surrender and will not let him take over! I will and can do this on my own.


So please help me turn the tide on my plant killing days. Any words of advice from the professionals out there would be helpful and very much appreciated! I want a pretty little yard with pretty littttle flowers :(

Oy Vey.


  1. I have the same problems with my flowers. I try to hard and they just die! But I will keep trying until one day I figure this out.

  2. I wouldn't consuder myself a gardner, but both of my paretns have a passion for it, so I grew up planting pansies each winter & working on the tomato, snow pea & cucumber plants each summer.

    While I don't have the garden space to start my own veggie garden, I LOVE fresh herbs & although some are more tempermental than others, I'll never give up. Heard that Sweet Basil? Never.

    One that always grows like a weed with little to no maintenance is Thyme & Oregano - both extrememly versatile & yummy! Just give them each their own planter, a little miracle grow & a slightly sunny corner on your porch & you're good to go!

    Good luck & hopefully you'll no longer be a brownish/yellow thumb : - )


  3. Im glad you at least gave it a shot!! I prefer getting flowers from the store, haha.. I guess I dont have a green thumb at all!! xxoo

  4. oh gosh, i have no advice! I buy the ones already bloomed : )

  5. Maybe as someone when looking to buy the said flowers/plants how often you should water, feed, etc. and keep a schedule?!? Also, ask about just how much sun/shade is needed....hope that helps! Good luck! :)

  6. I too, suffer from a brown thumb. The only thing I have ever kept alive is a cactus given to me for Christmas. Good luck with all of your flower adventures!

  7. I also suffer from the brown thumb!! I have always killed every plant I have ever tried to care for. When my dad passed away, I was sent home with a ton of plants. Obviously with the given situation, I have vowed to keep these plants alive. I came across this website which has been AMAZING!
    Go to the plant encyclopedia and you can search for the plants that you have (if you know the name) and it will tell you how to take care of it. Also you can check boxes about what you are looking for and you can come up with some plant names. If you check the boxes for a plant you think you could take care of, then you could write down the names of those plants and go to the store and try to find some of those.

    I just got a petunia
    and it is so easy to take care of. If I don't kill it, I am going to buy a couple more of the same kind to put in a planter outside. Give it a shot! This website has saved my brown thumb! haha..I'm actually getting into plants and gardening now because I am having luck!

    I also got some liquid miracle grow plant food. I just squeeze about 10 drops into my watering jug every time I water.

    ps- over watering plants can kill them as well!

    Good Luck!! Let us know how it goes!!

  8. haha this is a cute post... I haven't ever tried to keep a plant alive by myself because I am afraid I would kill it. Maybe when we get a new place with an actual yard, I might try but I probably would be the same way and kill it. :)


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