Friday, May 22, 2009

Boom Boom Clap!

Hubby and I got tickets to go to the Cleveland Cavs basketball game tonight, and I am excited with a capital E!


We are huge Cavs fans. We have been on all of our lives. And yes, we are fans of all Ohio teams, Indians, Buckeyes, Cavs, and even the Clowns Browns.
So this may be one of the very few times in our lives that we attend a sporting event with optimism and leave without crying :)

You see, we live in Ohio, and while our state is really good at some things, like deciding elections, sports is not one of them. Cleveland sports teams usually do not fall under the ‘really good’ category. They don’t even fall under ‘good’. Normally, we are just 'plain pathetic'.

So the reason why two undying, passionate Cleveland sports fans like hubs and I are SO pumped to see the Cavs is because they are actually pretty good this year!!! :)

I will be back with plenty of pictures from the game for you all! Oh and please keep your fingers, toes and anything else crossed that we come away with a "W".

Happy Friday everyone and happy Memorial Day weekend! We have a ton of housing projects to get finished, including finishing our deck and completely redecorating/painting our bedroom, so we will be busy. :)))


  1. Yay! Hope yall have a great time!!!

  2. Im glad you had a good time!!! Hope your memorial day is great!! xxooo

  3. Sporting events are so fun! I hope you have a great time!!

  4. Hope ya'll have a great time at the game! Can't wait to see the pics!
    Hope you have a great long weekend!

  5. woo hoo! sounds like FUN! its always fun to celebrate your team when they are actually GOOD!!!

    have a great weekend.

  6. Can't wait to see pics..have fun! :)

  7. i am sooo jealous! say hi to my friend lebron for me : )


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