Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who Needs Magic, When You Have LeBron?

Wow, last night was amazing. I have no voice, got bear spilled on my head several times, and chanted MVP all the way home.

{video of everyone celebrating!}

Whether you are a basketball fan or not, I am sure that you heard about LeBron's buzzer- beater.

Being in the arena last night as that shot went in with one second left was unbelievable. This guy is UNREAL. As the shot dropped in, the place went crazy. The madness was unlike anything I had ever seen before! We didn't get home until 2:30 a.m. but it was worth it. Here are some pictures!

Yes, we are all witnesses.

The legend and my secret boyfriend :)

Hubs' secret girlfriends :)

The view from out seats.

We won!!!!!!!!!!!

For the rest of the weekend, hubby and I are attending a few cookouts and also finishing up some long overdue projects around the house. I reminded hubs this morning that if he works hard we work hard, we can play hard haha. :)
But at the same time, I am feeling a little guilty because I get these random project ideas into my head and then want them executed immediately.

For example, while waiting to check out at Home Depot a few days ago, I picked up a magazine and while flipping through, I saw a picture of a bedroom that I fell in love with. So the next thing I know, we are buying paint, I am ordering a new duvet cover and pictures, and we are re-doing our whole bedroom. I get inspired easily. :) Is anyone else like this? Please say yes. I really hope that I'm not alone!!! :)

But to my defense, that's what hubby gets for dragging me into Home Depot for hours in the first place. Looking at hardware, doorknobs and lawnmowers isn't really what I would call thrilling, so I have to resort to other forms of entertainment.


  1. I love decorating and redecorating! I have duvet's for every season haha!

  2. I was jealous when I read your previous post about getting tickets to the game.

    However, as a resident of Orlando, I am a die-hard Magic fan.
    I'm willing to continue reading your blig anyways :P

    But even I had to grudgingly concede awe at Lebron's shot last night. I thought for sure the Magic had it in the bag, but Lebron pulled through for his team, so I have to give him props.

    At least the Magic and Cavs arent boring!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I have never been to a pro basketball game! I've seen all other sports live, but now i want to go see basketball! haha.

    And yes, I'm like that too. Our poor hubs' shouldn't take us to home depot!!! Thats what they get ;)

  4. GO CAVS!!

    I think I have purchased 5 different sets of bedding for our master. I've changed everything but the walls because DH won't let least not right now. Only 4 days of school left and just me alone in the house!!:)

  5. My mother is currently in tears. Some think it the PMS but, I know better. The game was amazing!

  6. I love sporting events! Cute pictures and ongrats on the win! I'd love to see pics when your room is done!

  7. That was a magical game- I am so jealous that you got to be there! I watched some interviews with LeBron (because of my lovely husband's obsession with Basketball right now) and LeBron is awesome. Seriously. I am glad you had fun.

  8. what an amazing game to be at! love all the pics girl!

  9. I was sooo mad when LeBron made that shot, seriously when does 1 second last for like 10 minutes...but I do give him props because that was an awesome effin shot.

    I'm sorry love, I live in Orlando so you know where my allegiance is!

    GO MAGIC!!!! : )

  10. I love to redecorate! If I didn't despise painting as much as I do, I'd do it more often! To make do, I have a few different duvets to change with the seasons. I can't wait until we move and I can finally use the new stuff from the wedding! I'm going with grays and whites with yellow accents. Love it! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  11. I can't believe you were there! That is AWESOME! You look so cute!

  12. That was an awesome game, on a TV... I can only imagine it in person! And I'm not much of a basketball fan. (College and high school football, all the way.)

  13. So fun that you got to go! I'm amazingly jealous! And your pictures are fab!


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