Monday, May 18, 2009

I have a case of the Mondays.

I leave the house this morning to go to work. In one hand I have: my wallet, into which I crammed my phone. In the other: a pile of trash, that I was going to throw into the large bin that sits inside of our garage.

What I threw into the bin: my wallet and remote. That I then had to dig out.

What I tried to carry with me into the car: the pile of trash.

In colunclusion, crawling headfirst into the stinky trash can in my fancy new Banana Republic top= not a great way to start the day. I still think that my hands smell like tuna. Gross.

The only thing keeping me sane these days is the fact that hubby and I will be spending a week at the happiest place on Earth in exactly 43 days! I clearly need a vacation asap. Clearly :)


  1. awww girl, so sorry you had to do that... i have done the same exact thing and wanted to cry haha.

    yay for vacas!

  2. Disney is THE happiest place! Me & the HUbs (before he was the hubs) spent a spring break there together, and it was probably one of the best trips we've ever taken together!

    You must

    - ride "Soaring" located at Epcot
    - eat at the restaurant located in "China," also at Epcot
    - Space Mountain, duc : - )
    I love the water tube ride at Animal Kingdom
    - "Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster" at MGM Studios = AMAZING!!!

    You're going to have SO much fun!!!

  3. Hahaha - this would have totally happened to me too! And I'm with you, if I touch something gross, I'm convinced that my hands smell icky for hours afterwards... hope your day gets better!

  4. Omg... one of those days!! Well at least you didnt lose your phone and wallet to the garbage man!! and Im so jealous of Disney!! yay... xxoo

  5. Oh my goodness..A WEEK! LUCKY!

  6. Ewww - nasty! Hope your day gets better.

    Are you going to Disneyland or Disneyword?

  7. i accidentally threw my keys into a DUMPSTER when i was trying to throw a big bag of trash in there instead! so i feel your pain!

    im sure your new top is cute even if it does smell :)

  8. Too funny, even though you probably don't think so! I've totally done that before. I love Disney. We went there last November. You're going to have a blast!

  9. oh my gosh I threw away my keys last week and had to dig them out at the least it was only sweaty paper towels in the trash can though! that sucks! sorry!
    yea for disney...cant wait to see the pics!

  10. sooo jealous, that is my favorite place

  11. Disney?! You lucky girl!! It's been about five years since I've been and I so miss it! It really is a magical place!

  12. Are you coming to Disney World in FL?!?
    Def. hit me up if you want to go for drinks or lunch while your here...I seriously work right down the street! :)

  13. Sounds like something I would do lol..

  14. I know you'll have a BLAST at Disney. I'm going to be blogging quite a bit soon about the Disney honeymoon...mostly the food, it was AMAZING!


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